Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gone Fishing!

Another cracker of a day in the basin!

We cleaned up the boat in the morning as we were expecting lunch guests, but they had to cancel because of work commitments.  Ah well, at least we have a clean boat now :)

We sat next to the boat and ate our lunch and somehow I dropped my prescription sunglasses in the water! It was about 5 feet deep so I went looking around the basin to see if any of the other boats had a net. No such luck so off on the push bike to Whaley Bridge to buy a net; once again no such luck!  So - as they say necessity is the mother of invention - so I tie-wrapped the push bike shopping basket to a broom and spent the next 40 minutes dredging along the side of the boat with no luck.  I was just about to give up, when Elaine gave it a go and 5 minutes later dredged up the sunglasses....woohoo!  Our lucky day !

After lunch we walked down to the local Tesco for a quick shopping top up so we had a lovely dinner of cajun fish and salad !

The dogs were struggling in the heat today so we waited until after 8pm to take them for a walk around the basin and village.

Nice view from the local cricket ground

Had a drink in the pub and back to the boat for a bit of TV.

Tomorrow we will head back towards Macclesfield and will probably stop around Marple way again!  There is no news of our boxes' delivery date yet, so we are still playing the waiting game - hence our bobbing back and forward to Macc!  We have to get back for Saturday as Elaine has got some tickets for us and Trev (her brother) to go and see George Borowski (and the Fabulous Wonderfuls) - one of their old favourites apparently !

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  1. all looks very tranquil