Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Beach Bar Is Trucked Away

Today was the day my favourite beach bar was taken off the beach as it was the end of the season.  It was quite sad seeing it being trucked away, by the time I walked down there they were on the last container, the other two had been taken away earlier in the morning.  They will bring it all back again Late May.

The last shade umbrella.

Away she goes. 

The lovely view where I spent nearly every afternoon. 

Anika telling customers sorry we are closed today!

The last container strapped up. 


 And its gone.

Farewell Samoa Surf, see you next year.

The strange thing is that the weather is superb, its still hot and sea lovely and warm, but they have to be off the beach on the first week of October.

They remove absolutely everything off the beach, the shower water is turned off, the bins are removed and the wooden walkways taken up.

The good thing is that we can now walk the doggies on the beach again legally, although I took them down in the evening even in the summer.

Its as if someone has turned a switch off in Mojacar, its like a ghost town, I do like it like this though, it will be interesting spotting all the old friends from last year as they arrive for the winter.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Summer is Over.

My old boss from Sydney and his wife stayed in Mojacar for a couple of days, it was a good but short catch up and I am pleased to say he and his wife loved it. They are half way through a mega world tour.

My favourite beach bar (Samoa Surf) is all but gone for the season, tomorrow morning the crane and truck will arrive  and take away the three containers that make up the bar. They are stored up at Anikas and Martins house up in the hills behind Mojacar.

It will all be taken back down to the beach next May.

It really is a strange time of year, the weather is superb, the sea warm but all the major hotels have shut and a lot of bars are getting ready for their end of season parties.  The upside is that the beaches are deserted and there is no problem parking anywhere, although even in the middle of summer it isn't too bad.

The narrowboaters belonging to the MCC (Mojacar Canal Club) start to arrive in the next few days, there will be even more coming down this year, Im guessing 16-20 will be escaping the doom and gloom of the English winter.

Healthwise I went to see the Dr last Thursday, he ordered a blood test to which I have just received the results, I have an appointment with him tomorrow and hopefully he will have an idea of what is going on, all I know is that quite a few of the readings are highlighted and not within the parameters. If I use Mr Google I have heart disease, liver cancer, diabetes to  name but a few so I will wait for the expert translation of the figures. Im hoping for an infection with a course of antibiotics to sort it.  The Dr seems pretty good, most importantly he speaks good English.

The thing that scared Elaine more than anything last year was being in a hospital and not understanding what they are saying, they do supply translators but they cant be with you all the time. I am insured so that will keep the costs down. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Family Visit

I have my family visiting for the last week, Brother Russell his wife Tracy and my sister Jackie arrived last Wednesday morning and I took them back to the airport today.

It was a nice easy visit which is just as I like it, I have a spare car plus a spare scooter so I just hand over the keys and away they go.

They loved the beach and the my office (Beach Bar)

I generally met them down at the beach in the late arvo and then we all went out for dinner at night, I did cook one night!

I sold the motorbike last week as I just wasn't using it plus the scooter is a lot more fun and easy to go shopping in etc.

Im off to see the Dr on Thursday as I have some strange things going on in my head that I want to get checked out.  I really wouldnt worry if it was serious, I would be quite happy to meet up with Elaine again, as long as its quick! 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Life Goes On Slowly

Not a lot to report I'm afraid, the weather has cooled slightly but is still very warm, at last the humidity has dropped.

Mojacar is a very small place so it was unusual to see another S-Type in town, it was also an immaculate example which is very unusual in Spain, even top end motors soon get battered .

Im still going for my daily walks along the Paseo, sometimes I venture along the cliff path which is always a lovely walk. 

The visits to the pub have ramped up with the start to the football season, as usual my mate Bombo accompanies me. Sammie comes down but not if there is football or music playing, he cant handle any noise.

Im pleased to say Bombo is 100% fit again, he has also put quite a lot of weight on which is good, the vet seemed to think it was a bacterial infection. Im just so glad he is back to his normal self. 

I have also been going to my favourite beach bar most afternoons for a couple of hours.  It will be shutting for the season in about three weeks which will be a shame.

The water is an amazing temperature, personally I think its too warm.

I went for a drive up the coast to a place called Lorca which is quite a large town, I wanted to check out a place that sold motorhomes and caravans, I really would like a caravan to enable me to get out and about a bit more especially with the dogs in tow.

Sammie was in shock when I woke him from his slumber. 

What can I say about the quality of the Spanish caravans, the description is to say it was like walking around a scrap yard. I wouldn mind if they were cheap, but they aint.

There was one that was half decent, they were asking 11000 Euros, it needed a lot of locks and hinges fixing as they were all broken, the same van in the UK would be about £2000. 

I just dont know why the Spanish take no pride in their cars, motorhomes and caravans etc and make absolutely no attempt to make them presentable when they want to sell them and yet want top dollar.

I will just keep an eye on the local ads, hopefully one will come up there, as long as its on Spanish plates and is owned by a northern European there is a chance that it will be in good nick.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Bombo The Precious Doggie

I have been taking Bombo to the vets the last couple of weeks as he keeps getting blood in his poo,  they think its just a bacterial thing and he is on drugs to try and sort it out. It first started about 6 weeks ago back in the UK and keeps flaring up.

My thoughts keep going to the cancer route although the vet thinks different, I so hope she is right, he is such a special doggie.

All doggies are special but Bombo was always Elaine's boy, he wanted to be with her constantly and she loved him deeply.  

He is now over thirteen years old , I would love to get a few more years out of him, its not just the thought of losing him, its losing another link to the lovely Elaine, It just doesnt bear thinking about.

Get well puppy xxxx 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Next Road Trip Planned

I have been a bit busier than usual getting the house tidied up, the inside is ok but the outside decks are covered in dust which blows over from North Africa. Its so hard to get rid of but im getting there.

I still managed to get a few sessions in down at my office!

They even had my bed waiting for me, they are such lovely people. 

I took both Bombo and Sammie for a haircut, it is very hot at the mo so they needed a good short clip.
I also decided to make my bed a bit more inviting should I get lucky one day, its a massive super king size bed but the sheets, quilt and pillows are all over the place so I went down to a newly opened shop in Mojacar run by a couple of young girls and  bought all new bed gear, it now looks lovely.

So to my road trip....... After talking to a few of my friends who stay down here for July and August and suffer the intense heat and crowds, I have decided to go back to the UK again next year but....I decided to go direct from Spain to Portsmouth rather than the super long drive through France and Spain. In the motorhome it was brill cos I could go on the A roads and just enjoy the trip, but with the doggies and finding hotels and paying tolls etc its a bit of a bugger. Plus of course on my own its a bit boring.

Brittany ferries are the only company going from Spain to the UK, the problem is they have very few doggie friendly cabins so the dogs have to go on outside kennels on the roof where its rather noisy with all the other dogs and next to the ship's funnel.  I checked online and couldn't find any dog friendly cabins, they had already been booked!  I decided to ring them and got talking to a very friendly girl who spent ages until she found me a dog friendly cabin up and back....Result!  In going the third week of June and returning the third week of August. All up it will be cheaper as well and that doesnt include speeding fines!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Home And The Jag Must Go

Only a short trip today, about 4 hours!

I stopped to check out the caravan, its quite nice but has not been used for three years so the outside was filthy, presentation isn't a priority when the spanish sell something.

I won't jump into it, I have plenty of time to check some more out.

I was back home about 14.00 and soon had the car unpacked. 
I cant believe how hot it is, having sat in the air conditioned car and hotels for the last few days you are distanced from the heat even though the car outside temp gauge is reading 34.

Once I was sorted  thought it would be rude not to go down the pub for a couple of beers, just before I left I checked the post box, i generally get very little mail, I noticed a couple of letters from Paris, they were speeding fines from my trip north to the UK 7 weeks ago! Interestingly they send the fines and details out in Spanish, I took them down the pub and got them translated, basically pay them early and save money, with the help of the fluent Spanish speakers I did it straight away. I haven't had a speeding ticket for about 30 years so I havent done too bad.
I cant imagine how many I will have for the return trip where I was going much faster!
The shaguar is one of those cars that it really doesn't feel that you are going quick, hopefully I didnt pass any cameras today when I accidently got to 200ks!   

Monday, August 21, 2017

Back In Spain

A very straightforward day today, up at 08.00, a quick visit to a local French Patisserie for cross ants and coffee and on the road by 09.00.

A very easy but a tad boring drive, it was motorway all the way.

I could have made it in one go it was about a 10 hour drive, but I am going to check out a caravan tomorrow which is located in Murcia.  Its been for sale for a while on the Mojacar forum, it looks good and will make any future trips a lot more exciting as I Will go on non motorway roads and stop as and when neccessary.  I wont jump straight into it like I normally do, the first thing will be getting a price to fit a towbar to the Jag, Towbars in Spain are a nightmare, they can only be fitted by certain garages and must be noted in the vehicle logbook which has to be checked along with the car at a local MOT station, as usual in Spain they love their paperwork. I will then have to find a place to store it which shouldnt be too difficult s there is an awful lot of space here.

I should be back in Mojacar by mid afternoon, I will have to go shopping straight away as I shut the villa down so the fridge and freezer are bare.

I forgot to I decided to stop in Valencia, I treated myself to a nice hotel for my last night, dog friendly of course.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

C'est Magnifique

I had the earliest night ever last night, I was in bed by 21.30, I felt shattered, I think its been weeks of moving around and sleeping in different beds etc, I'm not complaining , I feel very privileged to lead such a lifestyle. The early Saturday start and the driving through Paris finished me off.  I woke at 08.15 and was on the road by 09.00.  The roads are pretty quiet, but there does seem to be a fair bit of traffic going in the other direction. 
I set the cruise control to 140ks, 130ks is the limit so a little over the top is ok. The miles just fly by and the Shaguar is such a lovely comfortable car, I really only have to stop to let the doggies have a wee.

This little doggie in the back seat cracked me up, he kept popping up to see what was happening ahead. 

I have driven over the Millau viaduct before but it was raining with very poor visibility, today was superb so I pulled over to the viewing area to check it out.  

It really is magnificent. 

The boys didnt give a toss as usual. 

After viewing it for about an hour it was time to drive over it. 

I drove for about 550 ks then pulled over at Pezenas which is in the South of France, I found a hotel straight away and after checking in went walkabout downtown.
Its very hard to find a crappy French village or town and this one was no exception.
A big plus was that the sun was shining and it was now 32 degrees. 

I sat here for a while and scoffed a pizza and downed a couple of glasses of red. 

I have just over a thousand ks to go, I could do  it in one day but I will take two, no point in killing myself, Mojacar's sun and beach will be there for a few more years yet. 

Love xxxx